Bootstock is a Dutch shoe brand, specialized in making the best quality cowboy boots.

It originated in 2020 when founder Mariska was looking for the perfect cowboy boots for her daughter. It was a difficult search. It inspired her to start designing children’s boots herself and ended up at a factory that perfectly met her requirements. Handmade cowboy boots of a perfect quality. The factory attaches great importance to quality, sustainability, people and the environment. For example, they work with a no-waste technology.

The result: a beautiful new Dutch cowboy boots brand for women, toddlers and young girls. Each model has its own unique design and is styled to perfection. The boots have a bohemian, tough western look and a vintage touch.

We apply strict quality standards for our Bootstock boots. Only the best craftsmen work on the production of the boots. All leather is expertly processed in our own tannery with professional equipment. Furthermore, the boots are handmade from 100% cowhide leather and feature beautiful hand-finished stitching.